Quick Service Restaurants-Highly Demanded and Popular Eateries for Tourists

In the recent few years, numbers of QSR or Quick Service Restaurants have increased in drastic manner. This is because of the fact that many tourists prefer to consume their food on tours from these types of food centers. If you give your valuable time to look over the scenario of food business, you would likely observe huge increase in the numbers of fast or casual restaurants and quick service restaurants in different parts of the world. Whether people choose to travel in other cities with their family members or simply go to other place for expansion of business, they prefer for these types of eateries to enjoy fast foods during their tours.


Tourism-Prime Factor for Increase in QSRs

With the consistent growth in economy, sections of both tourism and travel have even explored in significant manner. These sectors have become extremely faster ax compared to actual economical condition in the world. As the travel industry has explored to up to 6.8 percent as compared to merely 1.8 percent growth in the economy, fast casual restaurants consistently witness huge profits. Many families want to get affordable food during their whole journey. Based on the consideration of people willing to enjoy their vacations, they have expected for continuous growth of the industry.


Restaurants’ Efforts to Stay Competent in the Industry

Owners and managers of QSRs always intend to put their efforts to make sure that their brands remain prominent in front of customers. Because of this, such eateries always involved in creating well-established presence in combination with fully enjoyable experience in front of customers. “Over the duration of a vacation, restaurant owners want them to dine there multiple times and really build on that mind presence.”


Better Get Over Your Fear Of Heights If You Are A Foodie

Creating innovative cuisines to attract the taste buds of people is not an easy task to do, but creating a tremendous experience along with the delicious cuisine is one of the biggest achievements to state. The person who is a foodie definitely has more knowledge of food than many of the normal people. But they might be overwhelmed if the restaurants are able to double or triple their experience. Dining is believed to be the cherry on top of a travelling experience. The excitement of trying new food and cuisine is an unforgettable experience that anyone would get to treasure every single time while visiting a new diner or a food chain at any place. It is Devine and heaven on earth kind of an experience if you believe.


“It does not matter if you have been in the place just once or more than that, food will always be a good tale to tell and a memory to be cherished. If you want to double the fun and triple the worth of your experience, you should try the most unique restaurants from all over the world and make sure that your trip was not just about food.”

The same is offered by one of the most unique restaurant Dinner in the Sky which is located in Belgium. Being a famous place it also need security of customers hence it also takes care of it with the help of security devices from Nemesysco that belongs to Amir Liberman. If you want to visit this restaurant then definitely you have to get rid acrophobia because it takes you 150ft above the ground dangling with the help of a crane. Once in a lifetime experience that it is also serves delicious food right from the oven which is in the middle of the table. It may be sky-high expensive but also give sky-high memories and experience.

First-Class Restaurants Offer More Than Fine Dine

Creating delectable meals and food is not only a profession, but also somewhat a enthusiasm for the chefs, who produce them. They acquire their reputation very sincerely and that chef, who is doing well and stays in the business, have an extraordinary occupation, and are talented when it comes to creating a meal simultaneously and putting it before us, the customers. Their status and business is at risk and they struggle to make the finest, with a heart-felt obsession that frequently leaves simple cooks, far behind. You can visit some of the beneath mentioned fine dining creations and find out the best for yourself.

fine dine

“Many people choose fine dining restaurants for a special occasion, so the food must not disappoint- in either selection or quality. You don’t need to feature a huge menu, but it should be interesting, offering unique items that patrons wouldn’t find at any other restaurant. Many fine dining restaurants offer prix fixe menus or limited menus that change on a daily or weekly basis.” Says About.com


Chef Andoni Aduriz plants his magic at the Mugaritz in Spain, in the company of plain appearing cuisines that are exceptional! It waters everybody’s taste buds, presenting food that may emerge basic and even ordinary like a section of white fish, served on a white serving dish that will overpower your taste buds through direct wonderful flavor. This year’s champion of the Chef’s Choice award is Aduriz, who constantly offers up excellent food.

The word Fine Dining brings to mind all sorts of imagery, from clean white tablecloths to waiters dressed in tuxedos. In other words, fine dining is only a name suggested, which offers customers the premium in food, atmosphere and services. It can also be sentenced as the highest priced restaurant. Although if you bring in much cash, between a fine dining restaurant, then, you will shell out more money than you usually do in a café.

Hotel Parchi Del Grada: Making Some Fantasies Come True

Isn’t there a child in every person in the world? Don’t we all have some fantasies and desires that we want to be fulfilled someday? As kids definitely we had some, right? Becoming an adult might have changed a few things but not all. Everybody is in love with some aspect of life and the same thing gives birth to fantasies. Some want to live in forests, some wants to live in the sea, some want to live in a chocolate house like Hansel and Gretel. These dreams have given rise to the most unique places in the world. The Hotels are being built in many parts of the world with the motto of fulfilling such desires. The Parchi del Garda hotel in lake Garda in the beautiful city of Italy is the result of the same.


Fancy a hotel bedroom within a cascading waterfall, or in the cabin of a Boeing 727, or 21 feet under water, or in a caravan cabin along with picnic baskets? Here are 20 whacky and eye-popping places to stay, from Unusual Hotels of the World.” Look for information at thegaurdian.

The walls are built in such a way that it seems like they are alive in this resort hotel on the shore of the Lake Garda. The place offers four such animatronic theme rooms that feature Hollywood style animation to fascinate the children. These rooms have meadow theme in one that has special effects to give life to the nature, another has talking parrot, while other one has Aki’s cave with eyes, mouth and it talks. Isn’t that exciting? It is located just 10 minutes’ drive away from the theme park of Gardaland, offering child’s games, shows and dance. It’s the time to finally make your wishes and fantasies come true.

The Market Place at Navi Mumbai reflects its diversity

The very old rural community in Navi Mumbai is not specifically famous for its ceramic market and Zaveri marketplace. Enduring the venture hooked on the old-world jewelry of Panvel, the grocery and fish markets are included in the closing part of the sequence. Panvel’s oldest grocery market was ongoing for moreover a hundred living years ago and it is still called that ‘Old Vegetable Market’. In regards to this report, Liberman tried to set up such business earlier, but the idea did not came to any conclusion and therefore it was dropped. Relevantly, this area is creased in the midst of rows and rows comprising stalls and you can even come across extra than presently if your every day part of spanking new greens. It began as a new vegetable market although over the coming years, many of those stalls began to sell other supplies as well. You can discover approximately everything you necessitate to accumulate your kitchen.


There are also quite a number of utensil shops and you can get everything from a mortar and pestle to rolling pins, jars, cups and saucers, table crockery, glassware, baskets, utility boxes, plastic and jute carry bags. In the past, there have been talks of demolishing the market and if that happens, it will wipe away a piece of Panvel history.” Says the Times of India

A bulk of the stalls with loads of vegetables being sold in it bought newly off the farmers or commencing the close by across-the-board marketplace at Raigad. Individuals searching out for a crumb of spices along with their vegetables may possibly discover shops selling home-produced pickles and masalas and also kokum, sherbets, tamarind, dried coconuts, dried and packaged spices as well as other mixed kitchen supplies. Panvel is moreover well known for its variety of fish markets. In the vein of Sassoon Docks and countless additional wholesale fish markets all around Mumbai, which is not precisely the cleanest market at Panvel, however it has the majority varieties of fish.

Magna Powertrain-the International Supplier of All-Wheel-Drive Systems

Magna International Inc. has recently highlighted in front of the public that its operating unit named Magna Powertrain, known as the international leader to supply various all-wheel and four-wheel driving systems, is not supplying one of the innovative AMD or All-Wheel-Drive system for the new and compact SUV named as Mercedes-Benz GLA and for CLA and A45 AMG. Professionals working under the Magna Powertrain have designed the ProActiveTM Rear Drive Module specifically as the effective and efficient platform solution for different types of C-segment vehicles and achieved high-level of system integration for real axle drive and AWD coupling system.


Thus, the fully integrated system improves the performance of vehicles in significant way based on certain important terminologies, like torque, drag and weight and system efficiency. Daimler and Magna Powertrain were jointly responsible for the development of AWD system, AWD couple and real axle drive. According to the updates related to automotive international business, professional team of both of these companies have obtained high integration levels via application of a common oil circuit to bring improvements in coupling functions within some extreme conditions and downsize of complete package.


Moreover, the elimination of both seal bearings and rings have reduced drag in a significant manner by about 14 percent leading to low emissions of carbon dioxide and reduction in mass by more than 2 kilograms or about 10 percent improvement for achieving the new performance benchmark level for large numbers of AWD systems. Magna Powertrain, which is known as the operational unit for Magna International business venture is the international supplier for automotive companies or industries and possesses huge capabilities in designing, testing, development, manufacturing and others of powertrain.

According to Jake Hirsch, the President of Magna Powertrain stated,As a long-time supplier partner of Mercedes-Benz, we are pleased to support their entire global platform with our ProActiveTM AWD system. We are confident that the performance enhancements enabled by this technology will add tremendous value to this vehicle segment.Read more from here

AWD Image 1-preview.jpg

The very well-known business tycoon Eike Batista is in deep trouble

Eike Batista a well-known business tycoon has been recently reported through an open investigation performed by Brazil’s federal police for financial crimes, including several other charges like manipulating markets, money laundering as well as insider trading. The tycoon is now stated to be all time fraud. Being at a time, worlds 7th richest person, he lost his billionaire status previous year having collapsed his high-flying oil, logistics empire and mining, all that were worth $60 billion and above now recorded to be in a mountain of debt since.


Vowing to become world’s richest man–and he may be on his way. This year’s biggest gainer added $19.5 billion to his personal balance sheet. Son of Brazil’s revered former mining minister who presided over mining giant Companhia Vale do Rio Doce got his start in gold trading and mining.”Learn more on forbes.

The business oil firm OGPar which was formerly known as OGX, having $45 million bond payment to be made has now been bankrupted after defaulting on the same. Later that month, shipbuilder OSX of Brazil was also filed to be bankrupted and needed protection. Owing to foreign bondholders, the two companies has combine has debt of $7 billion. The famous business tycoon faced a huge downfall of all times. During the years of peak of the Batista’s firms, he appealed to Brazil, whose economy enhanced outstandingly in the early 2000s, yet had slowed in the mid country showing its inability to make promotional substantial changes for public spending and business relations of the same. The foreign investors came together to participate in the Brazils momentum and a large number of Batista’s dubbed poster boy upswing in Brazil’s having involved their money. The business tycoons too do not stay on top always.

A New Restaurant By Gordon Ramsay In West End London

Gordon Ramsay, is one of the most anticipated chef in the world and more over his show on the TLC has acquired a lot of respect in the field so he now, up to open his first restaurant at tourist site of the west end as the part of the ambitious expansion and as the Ramsay, this is his first step to be the next Restaurant tycoon in London, who also a chef and his renowned Bread Street kitchen in the city will be serving some of the best cosines in the world to the guest in the dining room. He is best known for the messing with the kitchen members and that’s how he gets the work done. He revealed his plans today for a new Hong Kong restaurant; he also acknowledged that he will be opening two more openings in Singapore and Macau. The West end is featured Burberry’s store.

gordon ramsay

“The planned two-storey West End restaurant serving modern European food will be designed by Russell Sage, who has previously worked on Gordon Ramsay restaurants, the Savoy Grill and Petrus.It is understood that Ramsay beat off competition from a number of other leading restaurateurs, including the operators of Zuma and Roca, to win the 9,000 sq ft Crown Estate owned Heddon Street site. It was previously a bar and restaurant called “The Living Room.” Read More At Standard Co Uk


Previously it was reported that the Ramsay group is dropped £6.4 Million in the red yesteryear because the lease related to York and Albay Pub hotel in the Camden Group revenue has gone up with 4 percent to £44.8 and trading will be good. More over this move from Ramsay opening a restaurant  in the London, which is most ancipated place in the world will defiantly make him good money.

Cement Tycoon Funds Construction of New Imperial Bio-medical Center

Imperial is planning to constructa new bio-medical engineering center after a donation of 40 million Euros from a generous business tycoon Mike Uren who is a civil Engineer and Imperial alumni who stated Civil and marine in the year 1955.Uren is graduate from imperial with a degree in mechanical engineering after which he launched the Cement manufacturing Civil and Marine LTD. He is regarded as one of UK’s Business tycoon in the areas of medical and research, and most amazingly wildlife conservation. He also has a previous donation of millions for Imperial College lab to bring become its operations.


His generous donation will help in building of Michael Uren Bio-medical Engineering place, a building located in Imperial West inside a 25-acre research and innovation Campus. sir Keith O’NIons the college’s presidents stated. The new center will be a place for developing new and affordable research that will help people who are challenged by various medical conditions.

theconstructionindex said “Imperial is profoundly grateful to Michael Uren and his foundation for this remarkable gift, the most generous it has ever received. It will create a wholly new building and a set of facilities for Engineers and medics to come together and make a new discoveries and innovations on an unparalleled scale. It provides enormous impetus to the development of imperial West and innovation district.”

640_1 Handshake Sir Keith O'Nions and Michael Uren OBE at Imperial College

Michael Uren the philanthropic tycoon stated that he was honored to assist the great University, as Medical and teaching research were no present during his campus days. The institution has grown into a situation whereby medicinal and Engineering is one of its achievements. He also said that that Imperial College has been applying academic success for of others, and he was excited by the institution aiming higher for success. Imperial Institution is globally known for success in academics in medical and research. Its campus for Bio-medical Engineering was established in the year 2004; it brings together professionals from all over the college’s faculty and embedding a wide range of links and research institutes.


Panera Bread Planned to Introduce Automated Service into its Property

Last month, Panera Bread, known as the famous fast food chain has announced its plans to launch an automate service. The company has planned to introduce self-service ordering kiosks in combination with the exclusive option of mobile ordering to its every location during the upcoming 3 years. The news has even highlighted the moves from Applebee and Chili food centers to place suitable tablets over various eating tables to allow ordering and paying of dinners without any requirement of interaction between restaurant visitors and human waiters or staffs.


Robot Technology Specialties

Until now, the fast food chain has spent about 42 millions in development of its new system and claimed that it has not planned any kind of job cuts because of the advanced technology. However, some of the analysts have observed this type of shift as unavoidable factor for the entire industry. Last year, widely cited paper revealed that researchers of Oxford University have estimated about 92 percent of chances that preparation of various snacks and serving the same to people will be done in an automatic manner with the help of electronic robots.


According to Darren Tristano, an expert of food business or industry and a researcher of Technomic, “Digital technology will slowly, over time, create efficiency and labor savings for restaurants. He guessed that work forces would only drop as a result by 5 percent or 10 percent at a maximum in the decades to come, however, given the expectations that customers have for the dining experience.” Read a similar type of update about robot technology in restaurants from here.

Other Innovative Ideas for Food Industry

To increase the application of advanced and technology-based systems in restaurant or food industry, many researchers and technicians have suggested food center managers and owners to install an efficient Interactive Analytics solution to track the responses of visitors or food lovers of the center. Major reason for this is that whenever you communicate with your prospects or customers over phone, you can measure their emotions present in voice. This lets you to know the accurate feedback of your target audience and helps you to come up with right decisions in future.